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Where "Ideation" meets "Action"

Solutions by Quality Assurance will catalyze your marketing.

A Solution Catered For You...

Our Commitment

Quality Assurance believes that every customer and every dealer is unique. Because of this, we are committed to creating marketing and communication that is a reflection of your style and vision.

With our high impact methods and solutions - you can be rest assured: we will do all the work for you at a price that you can afford and maintain a healthy ROI.

Sales Events, Customer Appreciation Events

Sales Marketing

Execute With Omni-Channel Messaging.

In order to have a successful sales event with great turnout, you must have a strategy, and a plan to execute it. An improperly executed strategy puts you at risk for low turnout. Low attendance means you will not recoup expenses and can't capitalize on gaining brand awareness or "share of mind" in a competitive market. 

We have a process to refine the planning, and perform the execution to help your events be successful using multiple communication channels - such as: email, postcards, hand-written invites, letters and even phone calls. 

First Out DMV registrations

Want to conquest new vehicle owners outside of your database?

  • Get fresh registrations complete with year, make and zip-code radius selections.
  • Registrations available from 5 years to last month.

Lease Expiration Data

This isn't mining just your database! With Quality Assurance as a preferred lease expiration vendor, you can reach customers in your area with leases coming due within 1 month – 5 months from today.

Bankruptcy Data

Do you have a great Special Finance person needing more opportunities?
A direct mail communication to these customers will fill the gaps you're missing, while providing a service for people trying to get back on their feet.

Fleet brochures and company lists available will help grow your commercial department – all provided through Quality Assurance and our marketing team.

Supercharge your per-RO averages!

Hassle-Free Loyalty Program

Our hassle-free loyalty program's effectiveness is indisputable.

If everyone was as loyal as our pets, all our marketing problems would be solved. Customers get restless and think they can get a better deal elsewhere. So it is critical we give them a reason to stay. The loyalty program is one of our centerpiece solutions; that is wildly effective at improving your service KPI's and general RO spend!


Elements of our Hassle-Free Loyalty Program:

  • Premium Timed Service Reminders – Perfectly designed using the Customer ID + VIN + driving habits, mailed weekly, 7 days before your customer is due for service utilizing your Loyalty Message/Design, with your offer/offers & reminding them of the loyalty reward balance.
  • First Time Visiting Customer “Thank you” – Welcome to our Hassle Free Loyalty Rewards
  •  Sales to Service Letter/Postcard – Thank your for your purchase, start earning your rewards today + customized 1st visit offer.
  • Anniversary Rewards – Its been X years since you purchased your vehicle – Reward Offer for Service & Sales (customizable)
  • Birthday Rewards – Offer for Sales or Service during their birthday month
  • Loyalty Rewards – Mailed to customer once earned
Service Maintenance / Recall Letters and Postcards

Service Reminders

Timing is Everything...

Options available on an al-a-carte basis:

  • Premium Timed Service Reminders
    • Uses the Customer ID + VIN + driving habits
    • Mailed weekly
    • 7 days before your customer is due for service
  • First Time customer “Thank you” follow-ups
  • Sales to service conversion letters
  • Declined Service Reminders
  • Missed Service Reminders
  • Lost Soul Reminders
    • You pick when someone is “lost”
    • Up to 12 different time schedules with up to 12 different templates including graduated offers
  • Golden Year Reminders – higher mileage and lost soul combo

Drive easy traffic!

Letter, Postcards and phone if desired. What a better way to increase your service drive traffic than remind customers of a safety recall.

QA will always run the names/addresses through the National Change of Address and delete bad addresses in order to eliminate wasted mailing. You can even have QA call your customers to set up an appointment for the recall notice.

Outbound BDC, Follow-Ups

Live Calling

Customer Service Retention - Live Follow Up Calls

Don't burn out over your CSI scores and outbound appointment setting - let us do the calling for you!

How we get you started:

  1. We discuss who needs a call
  2. We discuss what you want us to say/ask – 100% customizable for your store and set up to maximize your manufacturer’s surveys
  3. QA starts calling, providing immediate email feedback & reporting

Customer Service Retention - Outbound BDC Calls

QA makes outbound appointment setting calls to increase your service traffic and customer retention scores.

  • Inactive customer follow-up
  • Service Smarts Online appointment calls
  • Recall customers appointment calls
  • Missed appointment customer calls
  • Sales or Service Event reminder calls 
Capture the eyes of newer generation audiences

@Blast Email Campaigns


  1. We discuss your message
  2. QA creates/designs your email
  3. You approved or request edits
  4. QA emails and provides results of @Blast

We also provide:

  • Bounce rate data - email "bounces" (undeliverable emails) are recorded and you can download them to help refine your own datasets
  • Ability to email targeted lists based on countless slection criteria